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"Cogent's competitive advantage lies in our people... their spirit, their energy and their commitment."

Dave Schaeffer, CEO

Make the most rewarding career decision you'll ever make. Join the Cogent Team! While many companies are talking about cutting jobs, Dave Schaeffer announced on CNBC that Cogent is actively recruiting. See the interview for yourself by clicking here.

We know that our people represent the future of our company, so we hire only the best. We offer you the opportunity to grow and push the limits of your potential. What you learn and accomplish in the process will help propel Cogent to even greater heights.

Join a team where you know that your high energy and talent will be recognized; where your opinion and experience will matter; where the focus is on making Cogent and its employees successful. Our work culture is team oriented where all employees are accessible to one another, regardless of their seniority. Employees belong to a team that strives to accomplish mutual goals through shared efforts and experiences.

Our generous compensation and benefit plans reflect our dedication to recruit, retain and reward the best people. So come join an equal opportunity employer and help change the face of the Internet.

To apply for one of the open positions listed below, please send your resume and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We currently have open positions in the following departments:  

Sales     Carrier Relations     Customer Support

Engineering     Finance     Human Resources    Network Operations

Real Estate    Sales Operations     Software Engineering     Training



CAM Sales Manager - Herndon, VA

Regional Sales Manager - Atlanta, GA

Regional Sales Manager - Boca Raton, FL

Regional Sales Manager - Houston, TX

Regional Sales Manager - Pasadena, CA

Customer Account Manager (CAM) - Herndon, VA

Partner Channel Manager - Southeast

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - Atlanta, GA

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - Boca Raton, FL

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - Boston, MA

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - Charlotte, NC

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - Chicago, IL

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - Dallas, TX

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - Herndon, VA

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - Houston, TX

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - La Mirada, CA

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - Los Angeles, CA

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - New York, NY

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - Oakland, CA

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - Pasadena, CA

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - San Francisco, CA

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - Santa Clara, CA

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - Seattle, WA

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - Sterling, VA

Regional Account Manager (RAM) - Toronto, ON

National Account Manager (NAM) - Atlanta, GA

National Account Manager (NAM) - Boca Raton, FL

National Account Manager (NAM) - Chicago, IL

National Account Manager (NAM) - Dallas, TX

National Account Manager (NAM) - Denver, CO

National Account Manager (NAM) - Detroit, MI

National Account Manager (NAM) - Herndon, VA

National Account Manager (NAM) - Houston, TX

National Account Manager (NAM) - La Mirada, CA

National Account Manager (NAM) - Los Angeles, CA

National Account Manager (NAM) - Miami, FL

National Account Manager (NAM) - Minneapolis, MN

National Account Manager (NAM) - New Orleans, LA

National Account Manager (NAM) - New York, NY

National Account Manager (NAM) - Oakland, CA

National Account Manager (NAM) - Pasadena, CA

National Account Manager (NAM) - Philadelphia, PA

National Account Manager (NAM) - Phoenix, AZ

National Account Manager (NAM) - San Francisco, CA

National Account Manager (NAM) - Santa Clara, CA

National Account Manager (NAM) - Seattle, WA

National Account Manager (NAM) - Sterling, VA

National Account Manager (NAM) - Tysons Corner, VA

National Account Manager (NAM) - Washington, DC

National Account Manager (NAM) - Toronto, ON

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Atlanta, GA

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Boca Raton, FL

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Boston, MA

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Charlotte, NC

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Chicago, IL

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Denver, CO

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Detroit, MI

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Herndon, VA

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Houston, TX

Global Account Manager (GAM) - La Mirada, CA

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Miami, FL

Global Account Manager (GAM) - New Orleans, LA

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Oakland, CA

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Pasadena, CA

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Phoenix, AZ

Global Account Manager (GAM) - San Diego, CA

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Santa Clara, CA

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Seattle, WA

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Toronto, ON

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Amsterdam, Netherlands

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Paris, France

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Madrid, Spain

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Frankfurt, Germany

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Milan, Italy

Global Account Manager (GAM) - Singapore

Bilingual Global Account Manager (GAM) - Japanese & English

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Carrier Relations

Carrier Relations Specialist - Washington, DC, Chicago, IL or Denver, CO

Assistant Director, Carrier Relations - Washington, DC

Director, Carrier Relations - North America - Washington, DC

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Customer Support

Customer Support Engineer - Washington, DC

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Project Engineering Manager - Washington, DC

Sales Engineer - Toronto, ON or Montreal, QC

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Senior Billing Specialist - Washington, DC

Telco Billing Analyst - Washington, DC

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Human Resources

Recruiter - Herndon, VA

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Network Operations

NOC Engineer - Washington, DC

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Real Estate

Real Estate Administrator - Washington, DC

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Sales Operations

Sales Operations Analyst - Washington, DC

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Software Engineering

Software Developer - Network Engineering - Washington, DC

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Regional Learning Manager - Toronto, ON

Regional Learning Manager - Europe

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Customer Service

Cogent Communications

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