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Please visit our FAQ page for questions that are frequently asked of our support team.

Support Desk

Cogent Communications prides itself on superior customer service. We are available to you 24 hours a day. Please make sure to have your Customer Account Number ready for your call or include it in the subject line of any e-mail you send. We appreciate your business!

Manage Accounts

To serve you better, Cogent Communications offers a customer portal.

Customer Service Statistics

Cogent owns its fiber network end-to-end, enabling us to control virtually all aspects of the customer experience. We monitor the network right down to the customer port, which we check every minute of every day of every month of every year that we serve you.


Cogent Communications

Cogent, einer der weltgrössten Internet Service Provider, liefert hochwertige Internet-, Ethernet- und Colocationsdienste an über 84.000 Geschäfts- und NetCentric-Kunden, in 204 Märkten und 43 Ländern, über sein infrastrukturbasiertes, Next-Generation optisches IP Netzwerk.

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