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Customer Portal - eCogent (Note that eCogent replaces the Sprint Compass Portal)

Network Performance and SLA

Maintenance Windows: (Please also see the Cogent Customer User Guide)

Cogent will perform regularly scheduled maintenance on the Cogent Network during a standard maintenance window from 00:00 AM to 06:00 AM (local time of the Cogent Hub to which Customer’s circuit is connected). Cogent will normally notify customers of scheduled maintenance at least two (2) business days in advance, via email. In most cases, maintenance performed will not take the full configuration window, however, Cogent will provide more detail regarding the anticipated duration of the maintenance in the email notification. In the event of unscheduled or emergency maintenance, Cogent will attempt to notify the customer via email and/or via telephone as soon as it is aware of the immediate need for maintenance. Unscheduled or emergency maintenance is generally defined as maintenance necessary to avoid imminent network outages.

Upcoming Maintenance Windows can be found on our Network Status page

Downloadable Network Maps: