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Site Type Country City, State Building Name Address ZIP Code
CNDC Netherlands HAARLEM Iron Mountain (fka. EvoSwitch AMS1) JW LUCASWEG 35 2031 BE
CDC Netherlands HALFWEG Cogent Data Center - Amsterdam HAARLEMMERSTRAATWEG 133-135 1165 MK
CNDC Netherlands HALFWEG Cyxtera LINIEWEG 1 1165 AA
CNDC Netherlands HALFWEG CyrusOne LINIEWEG 1 1165 AA
CNDC Netherlands HILVERSUM Red Bee (fka. Ericsson) - Media Gateway Bldg. C KOOS POSTEMALAAN 2 MEDIAPARK 1217 ZC
CNDC Netherlands OUDE MEER NorthC Oude Meer FOKKERWEG 300 1438 AN
CNDC Netherlands ROZENBURG Interxion AMS10 PUDONGWEG 25 1437 EM
CNDC Netherlands ROZENBURG Interxion AMS8 PUDONGWEG 37 1437EM
CNDC Netherlands SCHIPHOL Verizon NAP of Amsterdam (fka. Terremark) CATERINGWEG 5 1118 AM
CNDC Netherlands SCHIPHOL-RIJK maincubes (fka. Easynet) CAPRONILAAN 2 00000
CNDC Netherlands SCHIPHOL-RIJK Interxion AMS5 TUPOLEVLAAN 101 1119 PA
CNDC Netherlands SCHIPOL-RIJK Interxion AMS3 CESSNALAAN 1-33 1119 NJ
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CNDC: Carrier Neutral Data Center
CDC: Cogent Data Center
COB: Corporate Office Building