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Site Type Country City, State Building Name Address ZIP Code
CDC Canada Mississauga, ON Cogent Data Center - Mississauga 2920 Matheson Blvd. E. L4W 5J4
CDC Canada Toronto, ON Cogent Data Center - Toronto 245 Consumers Rd. 300 M2J 1R3
CDC France Antibes Cogent Data Center - Sophia-Antipolis Pôle Entreprises Euro 95 165 route des Cistes – Bâ 06600
CDC France Bordeaux Cogent Data Center - Bordeaux Bât. G2 - Bassin à flots 33300
CDC France Dijon Cogent Data Center - Dijon 41 Quai Gauthey 21000
CDC France Grenoble Cogent Data Center - Grenoble 33 rue Joseph Chanrion 38000
CDC France La Garenne Colombes Cogent Data Center - Paris 1 77 boulevard de la République 92250
CDC France Lille Cogent Data Center - Lille 72 rue Jenner 59000
CDC France Montpellier Cogent Data Center - Montpellier 189 pl du 56e rgmt d artillerie 34000
CDC France Nantes Cogent Data Center - Nantes 32 boulevard Victor Hugo 44000
CDC France Nice Cogent Data Center - Nice 16 Avenue Thiers 06000
CDC France Poitiers Cogent Data Center - Poitiers 18/22 rue Jeanne dArc 86000
CDC France Rennes Cogent Data Center - Rennes Av. Chardonnet - Lorans 30F 35000
CDC France Rouen Cogent Data Center - Rouen 20 rue Alexandre Barrabé 76000
CDC France Schiltigheim Cogent Data Center - Strasbourg 46 route de Bischwiller 67300
CDC France Toulouse Cogent Data Center - Toulouse 125bis ch du Sang de Serp 31000
CDC France Tours Cogent Data Center - Tours 171 rue des Douets 37100
CDC France Velizy Villacoublay Cogent Data Center - Paris 2 16 rue Grange Damerose 78140
CDC Germany Frankfurt Cogent Data Center - Frankfurt Lyoner Strasse 15 60528
CDC Netherlands Halfweg Cogent Data Center - Amsterdam Haarlemmerstraatweg 133-135 1165 MK
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CNDC: Carrier Neutral Data Center
CDC: Cogent Data Center
COB: Corporate Office Building

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Cogent Communications

Cogent is one of the world's largest Internet Service Providers, delivering high quality Internet, Ethernet and Colocation services to over 88,100 Enterprise and NetCentric customers. Cogent serves over 207 markets in 47 countries across its facilities-based, all-optical IP network.

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