“By working collaboratively with Cogent, we were able to provide our customer with a complete and holistic solution to meet their needs."
- Colin Woods, FreedomTech

Now, more than ever, companies are looking at their digital journey. Whether that means a transition to the cloud, improving security, moving existing servers or storage into a data center, or taking advantage of emerging technologies like AI or Big Data, or some combination of these things, digital transformation is top of the agenda for many CIOs.

Digital transformation usually requires the integration of multiple technologies and applications – often from numerous vendors.  It also generally requires an increase in internet bandwidth, due to a need for robust connections to these cloud-based applications, to ensure enhanced end-user productivity. Nothing is more frustrating to than having applications that are meant to make employees more productive slow them down because data is not transmitted quickly enough.

Minimizing these types of headaches for CIOs is what Cogent customer and partner FreedomTech does best. FreedomTech, a London-based system integrator and internet infrastructure provider, believes that the alignment of new platforms and business models is critical to a successful digital transformation strategy. FreedomTech listens to their customers’ digital needs, then recommend and implements the appropriate solutions, whether in a single data center, or in multiple facilities worldwide. When the solution requires an increase in internet bandwidth, IP Transit between data centers or both, more often than not, FreedomTech turns to Cogent to supply the bandwidth.

One of FreedomTech’s customers, a worldwide leading VPN organization, needed to overcome their privacy, ownership, IP transit and utilisation concerns, as well enhance the transparency, security and ownership of their infrastructure.  Freedomtech helped them migrate from a multiple disperse vendor cloud environment to an on-premise customer owned infrastructure, housed in 21 data centers in multiple cities across the world. Within each data center, Freedomtech uses multiple 10Gbps ports from Cogent with a total capacity of 40 Gbps per site to provide connectivity for the solution. Freedomtech also has lower bandwidth management ports at each location, enabling their technical staff to manage the entire system on behalf of their end customer. Their client is now seamlessly pushing 400+Gbps of IP traffic across their global network.

“By working collaboratively with Cogent, we were able to provide our customer with a complete and holistic solution to meet their needs and further increasing efficiency by 40% whilst making significant cost savings. We are looking forward to continuing to work with Cogent to expand this customer’s infrastructure, as well as on additional implementations for other customers.”
– Colin Woods, FreedomTech CEO and Co-Founder"