phoenixNAP streamlines service delivery and provides better customer experience with Cogent


phoenixNAP opened its flagship data center in Phoenix, Arizona in 2001, and has since expanded globally to 15 locations as a leading global IT services provider. With data centers spanning from the Netherlands to Brazil, as well as Ashburn, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Seattle, phoenixNAP has accumulated a vast user base. Providing direct access to local markets, its opex-friendly Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions enable organizations of different sizes to grow their business and meet their security and compliance goals.

Over the years, phoenixNAP has expanded and continues to expand its portfolio of services to offer flexible and reliable solutions to modern businesses. From colocation, dedicated servers, and cloud solutions to backup, disaster recovery, and security services, phoenixNAP delivers specialized solutions that can meet even the most sophisticated IT needs. Organizations can build custom environments and scale easily as they grow while achieving worldwide reach through phoenixNAP’s global network. 

To support the bandwidth-intensive hosting services that phoenixNAP offers their customers and ensure their redundancy, phoenixNAP utilizes 27 carriers. Out of those carriers, phoenixNAP makes a point to approach Cogent first, as their account manager responds quickly with needed information and Cogent was the first to offer phoenixNAP a buy rate at only 15% the cost in comparison to most carriers. 

Currently, phoenixNAP has a 100G commit with Cogent. Between the value, ease of ordering, and quality of network, phoenixNAP believes Cogent has helped their bottom-line.

The continued focus on network improvements enables phoenixNAP to ensure customer satisfaction. Its collaboration with Cogent is essential in delivering on the promise of global reach and 100% network uptime.