“We chose Cogent because we needed a service provider that has a history of good up times and few problems.”
– Andrew Ortiz, Systems Support Analyst, Adduci, Mastriani & Schaumberg, LLP

Adduci, Mastriani & Schaumberg, LLP is a small law firm that specializes in Section 337 investigations. With involvement in approximately 30% of all such cases instituted at the ITC since 1980, their firm has represented more than 250 parties, both complainants and respondents. Adduci, Mastriani & Schaumberg require bandwidth to communicate with clients and transfer client data to their own site.

Due to multiple experiences with major service disruptions and down periods with their last provider, Adduci, Mastriani & Schaumberg began to look for a new ISP. After reviewing their options, they felt Cogent was the best fit for their company due to a history of reliable service and competitive pricing. Now, Adduci, Mastriani & Schaumberg, LLP is able to maintain constant communications with their clients through Cogent’s network, and in turn, perform their work quickly and efficiently.