“Our experience of other providers has taught me that not all fiber is created equal, but Cogent’s really delivers.” – Dan Gregory, Technology & Media Leader at CLR Design, Inc

CLR Design, Inc. is a niche architectural firm specializing in zoological planning, exhibit and habitat design. Their team of architects, landscape planners, and graphic designers help zoos and wildlife parks realize their conservation and education efforts by creating spaces for impactful connections with nature and animals.

A significant amount of CLR Design’s work is VOIP phone based. The company also has offices on each coast with staff from both offices frequently collaborating on individual projects. This as well as extensive work with CAD and graphics files reinforce their need for 100% up-time for the continuous network traffic to and from of their main office.

When CLR Design transitioned from copper to VOIP a few years ago, their broadband connection at the time was unable to provide the reliability they needed; the service often dropped important calls, which hindered their business.

After some comparison-shopping to research alternatives, CLR Design found Cogent to be a reliable and proactive service with competitive pricing. Having made the switch, the company has not been disappointed. CLR Design’s experience has proved that not all fiber is created equal.