Cogent connects Cloudhelix to Amazon Web Services for hybrid cloud solution


As detailed on their website - Cloudhelix delivers a bespoke, hybrid cloud architecture solutions for their customers. One example is a two-site platform that is split between the Cloudhelix vCloud platform in the UK and Amazon EC2 in Ireland.

Customers using this architecture need a secure method of replicating data between the two private networks, without the hassle or overhead of a VPN configuration. They also need a secure, low-latency connection to Amazon's public services, such as S3 or Glacier. Often a customer's internal requirements state that this traffic should not go over the internet.

Cogent solution:

Cloudhelix decided to use Amazon Direct Connect to link the two platforms, allowing them to provision individual VLANs for both private and public services, which are then attached to the customer's Amazon accounts as virtual interfaces.

Cogent was chosen to provide the connections between Cloudhelix and Amazon and their quick provisioning process and ability to scale up to 10Gigabit Ethernet made this an easy decision.


Cloudhelix can now offer their customers secure, private access between their platform and AWS. This can be provisioned automatically without any need for VPN.