Global Peer Connect

Exclusively from Cogent, Global Peer Connect (GPC) is your on-ramp to the Global Peer Exchange. With a Global Peer Connect port, you will have the ability to peer with any other participant in the Global Peer Exchange in any of over 1257 carrier-neutral data centers and 54 Cogent data centers worldwide.

Global Peer Connect features 10GE burstable ports on the Global Peer Exchange with no term or bandwidth commitment. LAG is available for GPC ports, should you have the need for greater bandwidth.

The Global Peer Exchange (GPE) is a Worldwide Connectivity Platform to exchange Internet traffic, much like an IXP (Internet Exchange Point), just brilliantly global, elegantly flexible and radically priced. Once connected to the Global Peer Exchange, any network can set up dedicated VLAN connections to any other GPE Participant, using the discovery and connection platform to find peering partners.

Key Benefits of Global Peer Exchange

Imagine you could peer with any network in the world, anytime, anywhere, at marginal costs and with total flexibility.

  • Ubiquitous: GPE is Everywhere, in over 1257 carrier neutral data centers and 54 Cogent data centers, in 6 continents, 47 countries and 207 markets worldwide.
  • Economical: no fixed port costs (only burstable), no distance-based fees (peer with anyone else worldwide on GPE, regardless of location)
  • Flexible: no term commitment (month-to-month contract for port on GPE, indefinite term for connections to other GPE Participants)

Any Network can join Global Peer Exchange

Whether you are an ISP, a Carrier or a Service Provider, an Online Applications / Content Provider, or even a large Corporation, as long as you run your own network with an Autonomous System Number (ASN), Global Peer Exchange is right for you.

Meet all other GPE Participants on to express your interest and connect, upon the click of a button. Set up your peering session and exchange traffic between your networks, whether traditional Internet traffic flow, video streaming or corporate VPN traffic.

Atención al Cliente

Cogent Communications

Cogent es uno de los operadores de Internet más grandes del mundo, ofreciendo servicios de Internet, Ethernet y Colocación de alta calidad, a más de 88.100 clientes Empresariales y NetCentric, en 207 ciudades y 47 países, a través de su red IP óptica de próxima generación.

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