Lösungen für Application und Content Provider

When it comes to making online applications – such as gaming, VoIP or social networks – available to Internet end users, or delivering audio, video or streaming content in the most efficient manner, Application and Content Providers are looking for the most reliable, scalable and cost-efficient way to connect to eyeball networks. Operating one of the most interconnected Tier 1 networks in the world, Cogent provides efficient connectivity solutions that fulfill these goals.

Cogent's worldwide Tier 1, IPv6 enabled, optical IP network is one of the largest of its kind, with over 58,000 route miles of longhaul fiber, direct IP connectivity to more than 7,130 AS (Autonomous System) networks around the world and over 242 Tbps internetworking capacity.

Why are these numbers important to you as an Application or Content Provider? You need a provider who can leverage its network footprint to deliver your content and applications as close as possible to end users; a provider who interconnects to the largest number of ISP networks in the world.

If you are an Application or Content Provider looking for a strong and reliable carrier partner, Cogent's scalable, affordable and high quality IP Transit service will connect you to more service locations in North America, Europe and Asia than any other Tier 1 carrier.

  • From Mexico City to Tallinn or from Toronto to Lisbon, Cogent connects in 47 countries to virtually all major traffic exchange points, including more than 1257 data centers. Find out where Cogent's nearest point of presence to your platform is located.
  • Check out Cogent's IP connectivity by yourself using Cogent's public looking glass, or contact us with any question you may have.

If your applications require interconnection with other Application, Content or Service Providers at a remote location, such as a public Internet exchange point, a teleport or an online trading platform, Cogent's Ethernet transport services can bring you there.

  • There are more than 2,854 On-Net locations directly connected to Cogent's network. Check now if your location of choice is among them.
  • Cogent's services are also available Off-Net in virtually any location in over 207 markets across North America, Europe and Asia, through tail circuits provided by local partners. Request a quote now for comparison with your existing solutions.

Cogent also provides many Application and Content Providers with data center services to host and operate their platforms. With 54 Cogent Data Centers in operation, conveniently located across North America and Europe, Cogent provides state-of-the-art colocation solutions. Find out where Cogent can provide you with the most suitable location.

Cogent services include flexible contract terms, fast service delivery, best-in-class quality of service backed by a strong SLA, knowledgeable, reactive customer support and simple billing.

Please browse through our Products & Services to find solutions that match your requirements, and get in touch with Cogent's local representatives for a quote.


Cogent Communications

Cogent, einer der weltgrössten Internet Service Provider, liefert hochwertige Internet-, Ethernet- und Colocationsdienste an über 88.100 Geschäfts- und NetCentric-Kunden, in 207 Märkten und 47 Ländern, über sein infrastrukturbasiertes, Next-Generation optisches IP Netzwerk.