Cogent provides a wide range of professional networking solutions.

Solutions for Enterprises

Whether your business is local, national or international, Cogent provides high speed networking solutions that meet your requirements for unlimited, reliable bandwidth at affordable costs. Cogent is a provider of choice to many Enterprise segments, including law firms, financial companies, educational institutions, professional associations and government entities, to name a few.

Carriers and Service Providers

As a Carrier or Service Provider, you are aiming for reliable and scalable connectivity at an optimized cost level, to guarantee your end user customer satisfaction while maintaining your margins. With one of the largest and most efficient optical IP network in operation, Cogent provides the connectivity solutions you need, at affordable costs.

Application and Content Providers 

When it comes to making online applications – such as gaming, VoIP or social networks – available to Internet end users, or delivering audio, video or streaming content in the most efficient manner, Application and Content Providers are looking for the most reliable, scalable and cost efficient way to connect to consumer (eyeball) networks. Operating one of the most interconnected Tier 1 networks in the world, Cogent provides efficient connectivity solutions that fulfill these goals.


Cogent Communications

Cogent, einer der weltgrössten Internet Service Provider, liefert hochwertige Internet-, Ethernet- und Colocationsdienste an über 88.100 Geschäfts- und NetCentric-Kunden, in 207 Märkten und 47 Ländern, über sein infrastrukturbasiertes, Next-Generation optisches IP Netzwerk.