Payne & Fears LLP

Cogent Delivers Scalable Bandwidth and Responsive Service


Payne & Fears LLP is a regional law firm that specializes in employment defense law, as well as construction, insurance and general business litigation throughout seven offices in four states. When faced with a need for increased internet bandwidth to route VoIP calls, host webinars, video conferences, as well as facilitating general business operations for their attorneys and staff, Payne & Fears turned to Cogent in 2016.

Payne & Fears LLP recognizes that sufficient bandwidth remains a critical component in facilitating their day-to-day business functions. This is largely due to their leverage of a cloud-based network environment. Payne & Fears LLP has found their dedicated account manager to be a great resource and offers phenomenal customer service when their Internet bandwidth needs to be scaled on short notice. Since their IT Director requires service efficiency, this level of responsiveness is of critical importance to them. Payne & Fears LLP appreciates Cogent’s reduced scaling period, more palatable costs and, unlike most carriers, no requirement for client-housed routing equipment.



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Cogent Communications

Cogent est l'un des plus grands opérateurs Internet au monde, offrant des services Internet, Ethernet et de Colocation de qualité à plus de 84.000 clients Entreprises et NetCentric, dans 43 pays et plus de 204 agglomérations, sur son réseau IP optique d'infrastructure de dernière génération.

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